Aromatherapy Candle - A Focussed Mind - Eucalyptus & Bay

Aromatherapy Candle - A Focussed Mind - Eucalyptus & Bay

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The eco-friendly home accessory. Made with plant wax and essential oils especially chosen to help you retain focus and clarity (we also find this great for those with hayfever or a head cold, the scent helps the sinuses). Infuse your world with the scents of Eucalyptus & Spicy Bay.

Comes with an unusual plantable wildflower seed dust cover, so you can fill your world with sumptuous scents and wonderful wildflowers.

A stunning blend of natural essential oils, a delightful natural woody blend infused with refreshing eucalyptus leaves, spicy bay and clove buds. 

Burn time is 35-40hrs.

Size 83mm high by 70mm wide.

How to use: remove dust cover, light and enjoy for at least 2 hours to release the full complexity of the fragrance. Extinguish flame with candle snuffer to minimise smoke. 

Candle care: remove dust cover before use. Always trim wick to 5mm after burning. Always burn for at least 2hrs, no longer than 4hrs to maximise use.

Home care: Never leave a burning candle unattended.  Whilst the candle glass has been specially selected for candle use, please protect surfaces as the glass can get hot.

Wildflower seed instructions: are contained inside the eco-candle box.