Why the i in Happi

Why the I in Happi?


Happi Body Co - why the i?

I wasn't content to just bring you divine, science backed natural beauty, I wanted to bring it to you in a natural and planet friendly packaging, minimizing waste and toxic processes. We all make a choice each time we consume, I wanted to give you something that you could feel good about indulging yourself with.

A lot of people ask 'Why the i in Happi?'  

Happi translates to 'oxygen' in Finnish. 

Happi Body Co reflects an environmental message as well as a wellbeing message. So....happy becomes happi. We know we need oxygen in our lives, it's an environmental necessity. We also know we need to adapt our choices to more planet friendly ones. 

The other question I face is, why the use of a Finnish word?  I'm not Finnish, I'm from Northern England. But with Finland being home to the inventors of the biodegradable containers I use (Sulapac), it made complete sense to draw some inspiration from here. The  choice of container and packaging is absolutely crucial to really living the values of Happi Body Co. You can be reassured there is no lip service or greenwashing going on with Happi Body Co.