Happi Body Way

Happi Body Co Inspired by The English Lake District World Heritage Site


The beauty sector is responsible for a lot of plastic waste. Living in the English Lake District gives me an appreciation every single day of the natural beauty of our planet. I want to treat it well and I know you share those values. I will always strive to bring you the best environmentally friendly containers that are available to a small independent business. We are what we buy after all and I'm making it easy for you to make a good choice.

Huge swathes of the beauty sector are also responsible for promoting unobtainable levels of physical perfection.  If you are always trying to be something different to that which you are, then you'll struggle to be truly happy.  I'll help you to appreciate who you are right now, your imperfections included. I'm never going to use images of the unassailable perfection.

Together we can hope to make the beauty business a more balanced place by striving for transparency about environmental impacts, ingredients used and business motives.  I'm not a perfect business, but my intentions are always positive.  Positive experiences promote well-being, so the plan is to offer positive choices every step of the way.