Biodegradable and Sustainable

Sulapac biodegradable containers

Happi Body Co is proud to use Sulapac premium eco containers.  The inspiration for these containers lies in the sustainably managed Finnish forests.  This beautiful ecological packaging has been designed to reduce plastic waste.

By working with Sulapac, Happi Body Co containers are fully biodegradable and contain no microplastics. Made from sustainable and renewable resources, they contain no harmful components and have a low carbon footprint.


How to dispose of the containers?

Happi Body Co containers are fully biodegradable. 

When your container is empty, you have 2 choices.

1. Re-use
Gently clean the container using warm soapy water. Dry immediately. Use it to store items (not food or other cosmetics though).  These containers are so pretty you will want to keep them.  I use one for storing my Nanna's engagement ring.
2. Dispose
If you have a compost bin, simply add them to the bin and they will break down.  Or, put them into your waste bin.  This sounds counter productive but until such time as the UK catches up with the waste disposal practices in other countries, this is your best disposal option. But do not worry.  They will go to landfill and will break down naturally and importantly, without releasing any harmful gases or toxins into the environment.  In an industrial compost facility, Sulapac containers disintegrate over a very short period of 21-62 days. 
I'm running my own experiments in the North of the UK and have set a container outside in my garden, exposed to the elements,but not much heat. After only 35 days the container is starting to break down and become rough to the touch as it naturally degrades.