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I'm Lisa, Founder of Happi Body Co. I create luxurious natural skinfood that comes in premium eco friendly packaging. A Mum and Graduate of Formula Botanica, School of Organic Cosmetic Science - that's me trying to not laugh in the obligatory PR shot!

I created Happi Body Co, having completed a 2 year course in Organic Cosmetic Science. With the gift of natural cosmetic formulation skills I'm able to create science based, wonderful and luxurious natural skincare. 

What am I about?

During my studies, I noticed that no-one else was offering natural beauty for the considered, environmentally conscious person.  The considered and conscious person is someone like you, someone who wants to make positive choices with each item they buy, seeking to avoid plastics and toxic packaging materials that end up polluting our oceans and increasingly the earth's soils.

Now, I'm not perfect but as a parent I want to make good choices for the benefit of my child. I'm sure these values aren't something that is unique to me but it is so hard to find skincare products that aren't housed in plastic containers or excessive wasteful packaging.

Having thought carefully about what other values were important to me, over time I formulated a clear vision based on 3 guiding principles.

1. Clean ingredients. I use ingredients that are natural. The industry seems to subscribe to the description of them being 'clean'. This isn't to say synthetic ingredients are a 'dirty' choice, I don't subscribe to that school of thought. I simply aim to stick with natural because I have made that choice and it's how I've been trained.

2. Clean packaging choices matter. Containers and packaging must be planet friendly. This is a really important issue for lots of us.

3. Clean business motives matter. I want to promote the importance of a positive self image and avoid the cliches that prey on our insecurities about how we look. 

Clean ingredient choices matter

The use of plant based ingredients underpins all the Happi Body Co range. I strive to use only plant butters, oils, actives and aromaceuticals.  Every product is designed first and foremost with a skincare concern in mind and then exacting attention is paid to the sensory experience. You can find out more about the ingredients used as I'm proud and strive to be transparent. Debate rages amongst the natural brands and synthetic brands. I simply don't agree that they are 100% good or bad.  There is usually a happy balance to be struck.  After all, deadly nightshade is toxic and completely natural.

Clean packaging choices matters

I wasn't content to just bring you divine, science backed natural beauty, I wanted to bring it to you in a natural and planet friendly packaging, minimizing waste and toxic processes. A lot of the range comes in containers which are 100% biodegradable.  Yes, that is 100%.  No nasty plastic lids. 


Clean business motives matter

We are bombarded with unintentional negative messages about ageing and insecurities about the way we look. I was spurred on to offer another way of thinking, a more positive outlook. Having worked and supported  the real wellbeing sector for 20 years, supporting those who help children, young people and families improve their wellbeing and life resilience, I wanted to bring some of those values to Happi Body Co.  This means I will never use images, words or tactics that tap into the insecurities we all have about body image. Alongside being clear about what practices I won't use, I'm clear about the intentions behind the ingredients I use. Each product has a scent that is life affirming and uplifting, proven to lift the mood. The simple act of self care at home, using spa quality products is a real treat and creates time for you. Time for you to reflect on your day and take care of yourself.  Me time matters because if you feel good you function well. When you function well, the community around you benefits too.

I hope you have enjoyed finding out about what has led to the creation of Happi Body Co. If you have any questions, please get in contact with me at

Take care.