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Happi Bodies - what does this mean?

Happi Body Co Business ValuesDon't you find the images and messages the big players in the beauty industry broadcast slightly ridiculous?  You can easily conjur up that image of the impossibly beautiful woman in her perfect world setting looking like she doesn't have a care in the world.  Yes, today that impossibly beautiful woman may look slightly older as the big beauty players seek to promote themselves as being interested in your wellness and celebrating who you are regardless of your age.  Yet, they still use images of impossibly beautiful women or ladies of a certain age who are aging unusually well.  There must be a word for this, a bit like there is the phrase 'green washing' (the aim of deceptively using marketing to promote an environmentally friendly image). Lets call is wellwashing

When I first started thinking about doing something with my natural skincare formulating skills, I didn't want to enter into this murky world of promoting false images and false promises.  Having spent 20 years working in what I call the real wellbeing sector (I've worked in the charitable sector supporting the work of practitioners who genuinely want to improve the mental wellbeing and resilience of young people), I wanted to bring some of those values to Happi Body Co. 

In short, clean business motives matter. I want to promote the importance of a positive self image and avoid the cliches of the mainstream beauty industry that prey on our insecurities about how we look. The beauty sector is responsible for promoting unachievable levels of perfection and all the disappointment that brings. With creating Happi Body Co I want to help you to appreciate who you are right now, your 'imperfections' included. I'm never going to use images of the unassailable perfection and use tactics to make you feel less in some way and by buying product you will be fixed.  Instead I'll be focussing on offering you natural skincare that you will enjoy using, not only for the skin benefits (of which there are many) but also the wonderful life affirming aromas and the associated benefits by simply taking time for yourself.

I hope to make the beauty business a more honest place by striving for the sharing of transparent motives.  Yes, I'd like you to purchase my skincare but that's not the be all and end all. 

Happi Body Co is not on a pedestal and a perfect business, but the intentions and values driving it forward are always positive.  What I've learned over the last 20 years from listening to the experts in the 'real wellbeing sector' is that 'Positive experiences promote wellbeing, so the plan is to promote positivity every step of the way'.