Sleep Tip - Be Bothered Before Bed

We have a saying in our house, it's 'Be Bothered'. 

If something really matters, like a good night sleep, then a tiny amount of time spent being bothered really makes a positive difference.

It you think about it, you can apply this 'Be Bothered' mentality to just about anything in life.  It means by taking that extra bit of time to do that 'something' will reap you rewards.

I find this applies really well in getting a fantastic night's sleep.

Why is sleep so important?  It affects our physical, mental and emotional health. It can even affect your career; who wants to promote or develop a grumpy sod! Lots of people are unhappy about the amount of sleep they get. We are hit with nutrition advice and health advice but rarely do we get sleep advice.  So, here are my tips.....

'Be Bothered', this means instead of falling into bed exhausted but unable to sleep at the end of the night, just 'Be Bothered' for a few seconds longer. 

For me that means,

1. Making sure I just have just one pillow, not two. It has to be fluffed.

2. Opening the bedroom window slightly to have cool, fresh air circulate

3. Removing both bed socks, not just the one.

4. Cutting out the tech or anything mentally stimulating for at least 30 mins before bed.

After doing these 4 simple things, a good night's sleep always follows.  I'm not saying these exact 4 things will automatically apply to you but the mindset of 'Be Bothered' really does help.

 Finally, the other sleep tip for you is 'lavender essential   oil'. Like many before me, I swear by this and so does my 9   year old.  A few drops on the pillow and you'll be sleeping   beauty in no time.  There was a specific reason I formulated   with lavender essential oil for the cleansing melt range.     Using it last thing before bed helps you into the land of nod. 


Good sleep is priceless.

Go 'Be Bothered'