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We're addicted to you. We know that you're Toxic.

Plastic waste on beach Happi Body Co

I heard Britney Spear's, Toxic, on the radio earlier. Don't worry this isn't a Britney fan-girl blog. Never thought I'd be struck by Britney lyrics but hey they are quite fitting for today's blog about my journey to find an alternative to plastic packaging for Happi Body Co.

As a responsible, small scale producer, it is really very, very difficult to steer clear of the increasingly toxic plastic container.  These types of containers are readily available, often in small quantities, they are affordable and lightweight so postage costs are manageable.  All of these are attractive qualities.  That said, they are toxic, ending up in our oceans, in the soil in the form of microplastics and even in our food chain.  I read that every single piece of plastic that ever made it to landfill is still there and will be for the next 500 years.  That is quite sobering.

But hey, there are emerging non plastic packaging options.  Hurrah!

However, the barriers to entry for a small producer are significant. Be it alternatives that use sugarcane polymer, polylactic acid (using corn starch) or even post consumer regrind (recycled plastic.....) the minimum numbers of units you have to order make it prohibitive to the micro business.  We are talking 1000's of units.  This is such a shame as often the natural beauty mirco business owner has very clear vision, values and ethics that shape and influence their business.  I've heard many a natural beauty formulator sigh because they cannot access the environmentally friendly packaging options.  Now, I'm no eco-packaging specialist and I don't fully understand all the environmental pro's and con's for these polymers and polyactic acid alternatives etc.  I have even heard some lobby groups berating the use of land to grow sugar cane for containers when it could be used to feed starving people.  The whole area is a minefield and there doesn't seem to be a perfect solution yet.  There are better options than plastic but they remain out of reach to small batch natural beauty formulators.

I too was one of those sighing natural beauty formulators. However, I was determined I would only start my venture with a clean conscience, I wouldn't be adding to the plastic problem. This meant waiting until the right solution came along.  Lucky for me I found Sulapac, a Finnish start up who had just won awards for their green, eco friendly containers and they were very interested in the green beauty sector. Like me they saw the natural synergy between natural beauty and natural packaging. Their containers, my containers now (!), use wood and natural binders. The wood is sourced from sustainable, FSC forests. The containers fully biodegrade and they are simply stunning, there is no other word to describe how they look. 

Once you get your hands on one of these containers, you will marvel at how pretty they are. As you will see, I've resisted the temptation to print directly onto the container. This will allow you to marvel at the natural variations in the wood whilst you sit back and enjoy using the natural cleanser that this biodegradable container is home too.  That is what Happi Body Co is about after all!

Head on over to the shop and be first to get your hands on these beauties. Make a difference and choose natural skincare in a suitably planet friendly container.