4 ways to make an impact & get a promotion


If you came to this post looking for tips on how to win friends and influence people...well, I'm probably going to disappoint you but I could still help you with party chit chat/or a promotion.

This is a quick post sharing what I've learned to date on the heady subject - climate breakdown and how the hell can we all help.  Yes, it's a global challenge. Too big perhaps for you to think you can make a difference on your own? 

Not so. Together, millions of small independent changes can make a big impact. So you can play your part if this is what you chose to do. 

But, where do you start?  Here are some ideas to get you going....

1. At home.  Consider switching to a green energy supplier.  Yes, this is a super dull topic and we all hate it, I'll keep it short and sweet.  Let's be brutal, the green energy suppliers may not be the cheapest deal but really, they aren't that much more a year (continue with your Starbucks coffee and cake or help stop planet extinction - you choose). Choosing a genuine green energy supplier is getting much easier and this link can help you make an informed choice. Longer term, make your home more energy efficient, so you use less energy in the first place. (More money for cake....)

2. Your local community. Check out what your local community is doing to combat climate change. There are a growing number of community initiatives out there. If your area is already doing good stuff, support it in whatever way you can. Volunteering your time, if you can, is proven to boost wellbeing, so there is a double benefit to be had there. To find out what might already be going on close to you, try entering 'green initiatives' followed by your town name into google.  (Volunteering looks good on a CV, promotion still awaits you....)

3. Your shopping choices.  This is my personal favourite.  Make shopping choices that cut out unnecessary packaging. Buy unwrapped items at the local market / take your own containers (fruit, veg, meat). Feeling bold? Dump the plastic waste at the supermarket till, take a photo and tweet it....encourage others and embrace your inner rebel. Where you can, make a conscious choice to support small businesses who also minimise their packaging and waste. 

With Happi Body Co, I make a real effort to eliminate waste right from the design process (waste 'does my head in'). I know this results in a minimalist look which doesn't float everyone's boat & it flies in the face of the 'unboxing' phenomena on social media.  To me, it feels the right thing to do, even if it's not the most 'wow inducing' visual approach on Instagram!   Trust me, the physical products are so lovely in your hands though. The latest addition to the eco-shop is scented plant wax candles. I've purposefully chosen to eliminate the single purpose dust cover. I've replaced it with an 'in-transit' plantable wildflower seeded paper. Find out more here.

4. At work. This one will earn you brownie points at work too....You were fading then, but I got your attention again now! Talk to the top brass.....research if there are environmental standards for your industry and see what your organisation is doing about embracing those standards.  Be brave, ask key decision makers (aka 'top brass') at your organisation and ask to engage them in the conversation. Don't beat them with a stick about things they aren't doing (yet) but be genuine in wanting to spark a discussion to bring about positive change. It might even get you noticed and put you in line for a promotion. (Then you can easily switch to that green energy supplier.....)


'Fortune favours the bold'

I hope you feel moved to be bold and make some changes. Let me know if you get that promotion....


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