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  • 4 ways to make an impact & get a promotion

    Want to make a difference to climate breakdown but don't know how?

    4 ideas to get you going & it might get you a promotion at work....

  • Ditch the single-use plastic. How to make a reusable food wrap.

    Ditch the single-use plastic. Learn how to make your own reusable food wrap with an easy step by step guide.
  • Sleep Tip - Be Bothered Before Bed

    We have a saying in our house, it's 'Be Bothered'.  If something really matters, like a good night sleep, then a tiny amount of time spent being bo...
  • Happi Bodies - what does this mean?

    Don't you find the images and messages the big players in the beauty industry broadcast slightly ridiculous?  You can easily conjur up that image o...
  • We're addicted to you. We know that you're Toxic.

    Clean packaging solutions matter.
  • Clean beauty - Meet the ingredients

    At Happi Body Co, there are 3 core values. 1. Clean ingredients choices matter. I use ingredients that are natural and clean.  2. Clean packaging c...
  • Meet the Queen of Green - A natter with Lorraine Dallmeier.

    I've been lucky enough to secure a blog interview with Lorraine Dallmeier, Director of Formula Botanica, the worldwide and highly reputed online tr...